Why are we needed? 


The Middle East is increasingly visual, story-driven and mobile dominated. It’s urgent we identify, equip and mobilize women to create media to share peace building messages. Despite the growing challenges in the region, many are seeking counter-narratives and stories of hope. As a result, we gather women to explore important trends, exchange expertise, and develop innovative media projects for our organizations and communities. All the more, women need role models who can support and guide them. With the desire to empower a new generation of women leaders, we focus on their need to strengthen relationships, receive training, develop action plans and partner in collaborative media initiatives.


Bring our Media Training to your team


The Middle East Women’s Leadership Network will custom design a 1-2-day Media Training Summit to train your team in applying story to better fulfill your organizational mission. This is ideal for groups of 30 participants to foster a culture of story within your organization. Your staff develops common vocabulary and learns to tell, write and produce stories that will accelerate your growth objectives. The combination of training and follow up mentoring helps participants build confidence and develop a personal action plan. Together we create TV, film, audio, print and internet projects. Our Media Training contributes to the larger movement of developing female leaders and innovative media projects to reach millions globally. To see some of the films that women in our network have produced, visit the MEWLN Films page.


Our Strategy









We are leaders serving leaders. Our strategy is to equip women leaders who can have a lasting impact in the Middle East. Our women are decision makers, influencers and mobilizers, impacting through their organizations on a national level. We convene women at leadership forums, make strategic connections, and follow up afterward to achieve their personal and organizational goals. We do the following…

  • Host leadership forums to introduce network participants and provide media training
  • Spotlight the needs and the contributions of women's initiatives.
  • Showcase media experts, innovations, & collaborations for the MENA region.
  • Provide effective story, branding and media strategies to expand our outreach. 
  • Gather focus groups that can research and respond to field driven initiatives
  • Encourage participants to co-author goals of actionable items (which include a plan and a commitment)
  • Challenge our high-impact leaders to mentor emerging leaders
  • Partner together to create collaborative media projects.