Trauma Healing Training


In partnership with the American Bible Society and the Middle East Women’s Leadership Network, participants learned basic biblical and mental health principles related to trauma care. We explored our own wounds of trauma or loss, and were encouraged to bring those to Christ for healing. We learned how to lead groups in a participatory way; the program model; and developed plans for using what we have learned in our communities and networks.
This session was intended for people who would like to explore becoming a trauma healing caregiver or facilitator so that they can provide basic care for those wounded by trauma and loss, or (optionally) train others to do so, both in the US and internationally.


Project Purpose

Why is this project needed? Warfare, displacement, domestic violence, drugs, trafficking, suicide, spiritual and psychological abuse plague many from the Middle East. Millions need trauma healing. We provide a pilot program to train female leaders and media producers to reach audiences with the important message of trauma healing. 



  • Train women in trauma healing to serve immigrants, refugees and displaced peoples from the MENA region.
  • Demonstrate the critical role women play as advocates for trauma healing in the Middle East.
  • Establish mentor relationships with trainees to ensure best trauma healing practices.
  • Foster partnerships that lead to trauma healing initiatives among media producers and the communities they serve.
  • Encourage women to create TV, short film, radio and internet programs with relevant follow up strategies.


Bring the Trauma Healing Training to Other Teams

In partnership with the American Bible Society, the Middle East Women’s Leadership Network will offer a 3-day seminar to bring the training to other Farsi and Arab-speaking teams. For more information, contact Shirin Taber at

The Middle East Women’s Leadership Network is a division of the Visual Story Network (VSN). VSN is a global coalition of 270 organizations and 2200 storytellers,

You can read more about the event on the American Bible Society website here: 


Photos of the Trauma Healing Event