Middle East Women’s
Leadership Network

We are passionate about helping women become world-class
leaders by Creating media for their mission. 

Who We Are


The Middle East Women’s Leadership Network helps women become world-class leaders by creating media for their mission. Launched in 2013, we gather women for networking, training, mentoring and collaborative purposes. We partner with United Nations, NGO and faith based organizations.  We build relationships to leverage our talents and resources. We convene change agents and challenge them to create a practical plan for media engagement. As result of our network gatherings, trainings, mentoring and follow up efforts, several collaborative media projects have emerged for the Middle East and around the world.


We explore important trends, exchange expertise, and encourage innovative media. Our strategic sectors include...

  • Gender Equality

  • Peace Buidling

  • Fitness & Fashion

  • Freedom of Belief

  • Business as Mission



The combination of mentoring and training forums helps our network participants build confidence and develop a personal action plan. Together we create TV, film, audio, print and internet projects. Our collective efforts contribute to the larger movement of developing female leaders, innovative media projects and reaching millions globally.
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